Fair Trade Edmonton 

Promoting ethical purchasing relations

Fairtrade Edmonton, 2013

Heather MacKenzie, Trustee at Edmonton Public School Board 

“You can have different reasons for believing in fairtrade, some believe in it for the social justice imperative, others for the environment; whatever your reason is [for supporting Fairtrade] it is a concrete step you can take for building common ground” 

Roberta Taylor, Ten Thousand Villages

“Our sincere thanks to the many people who worked so hard to bring this initiative to our beautiful city! We are thrilled that the City of Edmonton will be leading by example and making ethical, sustainable, and just consumption choices. We look forward to the day when all trade is fair!” 

Evelyn Eveneshen, Ukrainian Catholic Women's League of Canada

“As president of the Ukrainian Catholic Women's League of Canada, Edmonton Eparchy, and on behalf of our members we are very pleased to hear that the City of Edmonton has made a move toward being declared a fair trade town. Fair trade is the most effective way to make a difference in the lives of millions of farmers and producers and it is wonderful that Edmonton has chosen to be a forerunner in this endeavour. We are proud to be part of this great City.” 

Michael Kalmanovitch, Earth's General Store

"Earth's General Store congratulates the City of Edmonton for embracing the concept of Fair Trade and appreciates that they will start to purchase Fair Trade products- a move that recognizes the connection of their purchases with social justice and respect for the labour that produces these products." 

Edmonton Catholic School Board

“Edmonton Catholic Schools is pleased that Edmonton City Council has committed to designate Edmonton as a Fair Trade Town, and that Council has pledged to purchase Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea, and sugar. Because of its faith-based vision, Edmonton Catholic Schools views this initiative in the most positive light. Central Administration, and many schools in the Edmonton Catholic district, have, for some years now, established and long standing Fair Trade purchase commitments: coffee, tea, and sugar.” 

Roy Berkenbosch, Kings College

Through a variety of means we have encouraged our students to recognize the social, economic and ethical benefits of Fair Trade and the role they can play as responsible consumers in helping to create a more just society. For that reason we were glad to hear of the recent decision by Edmonton City Council to [endorse] Edmonton [as] a Fair Trade Town, pledging to purchase Fair Trade products for use at City Hall. By doing so Council is modeling a responsible global vision that we hope can be imitated throughout the city. That’s the kind of leadership we are happy to follow and support. Congratulations on a job well done!”

Greater Edmonton Alliance

“The Greater Edmonton Alliance applauds the advocacy work done by Make Poverty History to designate Edmonton as a Fair Trade Town. We also uphold the decision City Council has made: pledging to make Edmonton an officially designated Fair Trade Town, and for committing to the use of Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea, and sugar at City Hall. GEA supports this endeavor, which resonates with our mandate to promote, advocate, and work for the common good. This commitment benefits the common good not only in Edmonton, but in the far flung communities where these commodities are purchased. The dollars we spend on Fair Trade Certified goods strengthen our solidarity with and connection to those living in these communities around the globe, improving their standard of living and security, providing a more equitable source of income, affording them dignity, and, most significantly, giving them hope for a better tomorrow. With this commitment, we help make our world a better place. Congratulations!”

Roland, Store Manager, Strathcona Save-On Foods

"We're so excited to see the world moving in such a positive direction, right here in our own community. Save-On has sought to constantly find ways to treat humanity with respect, and Fairtrade is such an excellent means to this. I am personally excited as well - it's been great working with the movement as a grocer."