Fair Trade Edmonton 

Promoting ethical purchasing relations

What can you do to support Fair Trade?

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Invite us to do a presentation or set up a booth:

It's our pleasure to present at schools, conferences, churches, work places and other community spaces on the topic of why we consider conventional trade to be unfair and how Fairtrade certification can help. Our presentations are positive, not graphic, suitable for all ages, and can be modified to suit your audience and available amount of time. We also can set up a booth at public spaces and hand out information about Fairtrade and free Fairtrade samples. These are voluntary services and we appreciate all opportunities to engage with groups.

Buy Fairtrade products and encourage your friends and family to do the same:

A growing number of Fairtrade products are available in Edmonton. Click on the 'Find FTC Products' tab to see a list of some of the products sold in Edmonton. Feel free to share the link amongst your networks! We are powerful as consumers and by choosing where we shop and what we buy  lets companies and governments know our values and ultimately influence how companies conduct business and how our government engages in international trade discussions.

Educate Yourself:

There are several incredible documentaries on the topic of unfair global trade. Some popular choices are Black Gold, The Dark Side of Chocolate, Banana Split and The Price of Sugar. To learn more about Fairtrade, visit www.fairtrade.ca or www.fairtrade.net. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about Fairtrade. There are many misconceptions on the subject and we are happy to converse with any interested person over email on the subject.

Become a Fairtrade School

At its core, the Fair Trade School Program is about educating Canada’s young leaders of tomorrow to understand the connection between our food supply and the people that grow our food on a daily basis. For teachers and students, fair trade provides a valuable framework to introduce these topics, and a chance to personally explore the impact to children and communities in the Global South. LEARN MORE.

Become a Fairtrade Campus 

A Fair Trade Campus is one that has made a commitment to supporting and educating about fair trade. Supporters ensure that as many Fairtrade products as possible, including food and drink, are available in as many places as possible in and around their campus. Increasing the use and sales of Fairtrade products can have a huge impact for producers and their communities. LEARN MORE.

Become a Fairtrade Workplace

The Fair Trade Workplace designation encourages people to be mindful of the true value of labour and the cost of production. It acknowledges that solidarity between workers everywhere is an important step towards a more just world. LEARN MORE.