Fair Trade Edmonton 

Promoting ethical purchasing relations

Fair Trade Edmonton Checklist

In order to become a Fair Trade Town, communities must attain the following five goals and commit to the sixth.

1.) Political Support

  • On February 4th 2013, a major milestone was reached when the City of Edmonton’s Council Services Committee unanimously voted to adopt a proposal to only purchase Fairtrade coffee, tea and sugar for the city's offices to use.

  •  On July 3rd 2013, the final step of the journey was reached when Edmonton City Council voted uninomously to adopt a Fairtrade Town resolution and officially endorsed the application for Edmonton to become a Fairtrade Town.

2.) Availability of Products

In correlation to its population size Edmonton was required to host:
  • 80+ retail outlets selling two or more Fairtrade Certified products.
  • 40+ restaurants/cafes seving two or more Fairtrade Certified products.

  • Edmonton has surpased this FTC availability goal. Way to go Edmonton! 

3.) Community Support

The following organizations in Edmonton have taken a public stance to support Fairtrade Certification.

  • Alberta Council for Global Cooperation
  • Calvary Baptist Church
  • Canadian Baptists of Western Canada
  • Catholic Archdiocese Office
  • Central Baptist Church
  • Change for Children Association
  • City Centre Church
  • Community of Christ
  • Edmonton Chinese Alliance Church
  • Edmonton Small Press Association
  • First Baptist Church

  • Heartland Alliance Church
  • Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
  • Jasper Place Health and Wellness Centre
  • John Humphrey Centre
  • Kickstart for Kids Association
  • Micah Challenge
  • Millwoods Pentecostal
  • Mount Zion Lutheran Church
  • One Childs Village
  • Power2Change
  • Public Interest Alberta

  • Somali-Canadian Education and Rural Development Organization (SCERDO)
  • Southminster-Steinhuaer United Church
  • St. Paul's Anglican Church
  • St. Paul's United Church
  • St. Thomas More Church
  • Steele Heights Baptist
  • The Full Anglican Diocese of Edmonton
  • The River Community Church
  • Unitarian Church of Edmonton
  • Urban Bridge Church
  • Westwood Unitarian Church

Further to the above, numerous organizations in Edmonton endeavour to use Fairtrade products exclusively but chose not to take a political stance (specifically when lobbying city council). 

  • This includes:
    • the University of Alberta Campus Saint-Jean
    • Edmonton Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League 
    • Shaw Conference Centre
    • St. Francis Xavier High School 
    • St. Bede School
    • St. Lucy Elementary School

  • St. Piux X Elementary School
  • University of Alberta’s Students’ Union Building
  • Kings College
  • Mount Carmel Bible School
  • Newman College
  • École St. Stanislaus School

To add your organization to the list contact communications@fairtradeedmonton.ca

4.) Public Education

Over the years many awareness activities have taken place. You may have seen us at some of the following! 


  • June 23: Tabled at a community Family Fun Day event and talked to attendees about purchasing consciously!
  • June 4: Got permission from 4 more Save-On’s to put the Fairtrade danglers (markers) up next to the Fairtrade products at their store!
  • May 30: Began contacting community groups to see if they would like to take a stance with regards to whether Edmonton becomes a Fairtrade Town and specifically         whether they would like to see City Council use Fairtrade coffee and tea.
  • May 26: Tabled for Fairtrade and handed out hot Fairtrade drinks at Riverbend Community League’s Community Bedding Plant, Perennial and Compost Sale.
  • May 5: Tabled at the Thrival Edmonton Festival and talked to numerous attendees about buying Fairtrade coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
  • May 3: Presented to students at O’Leary High School about Fairtrade – students could choose to attend this 1 hour presentation to satisfy part of their required hours         for volunteering.
  • April 17: Presented about Fairtrade at the Stand Up Catholic schools' social justice conference.
  • April 3: Presented to the Edmonton Youth Council about getting their support with Fairtrade.
  • April 1: Individual conversations are underway with members of City Council about finalizing support for Edmonton to become a Fairtrade Town. Things are looking           positive but still some work to be done.
  • March 17: Hosted an informal Fairtrade Breakfast and served pancakes with Fairtrade toppings - introduced friends and family to Fairtrade!
  • March 9: Fairtrade was brought up by MPHers at several Students’ Union election forums and is now on the radar of the current VP Operations and Finance and the           President of the Students’ Union.
  • March 1: The Students’ Union at the University of Alberta incorporate Fairtrade as part of their Food Policy because of our efforts – the Food Policy commits Council to       lobbying the University of Alberta about certain food-related issues on campus.
  • February 28: Members of Make Poverty History tabled at the Sun to Soil workshop last week and educated some highschool students about about Fairtrade and                 handed out Fairtrade coffee and tea.
  • February 17: Met with the Edmonton Youth Council Chair to get his input on lobbying City Council about Fairtrade.
  • February 14: Members of Make Poverty History handed in 440 Valentines that we collected and thirteen bookmarks (one for each Councilor with handwritten poems           about Fairtrade) encouraging City Council to use Fairtrade coffee and tea.
  • February 11: Make Poverty History tabled at two Save-Ons and spoke to consumers about the Fairtrade products available at those stores. Management at those two         stores also put up the Fairtrade danglers.
  • January 25: Make Poverty History presented a workshop about Fairtrade at a speaker series at St. Joseph’s College.
  • January 22: Make Poverty History presented at the Sustainability Summit that was hosted by the University of Alberta Office of Sustainability and Sustain SU.
  • January 21: Led a discussion about Fairtrade at East Campus Village’s monthly residence Global Café event.
  • January 20: Tabled for Fairtrade at several sessions throughout week as part of Campus for Christ’s Re-Abolish Slavery event at the University of Alberta campus.
  • January 20: Met with City Councilor Don Iveson about making Edmonton a Fairtrade town. He is willing to support us with this. Looks of great feedback and input!
  • January 18: Presented about Fiartrade to around 50 students at a break-out session at Kings College’s ‘You’re Richer Than You Think’ conference.
  • January 5: Communications are underway with several Dean’s offices at the University of Alberta regarding becoming a Fairtrade Campus and expanding the use of         Fairtrade coffee and tea by Faculties and staff.


  • December 30: Completed an extensive database on places from where Fairtrade clothing can be ordered into Edmonton: 
    • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ajevx_z49-iEdHlvQjhtVkd1ZHNsUVdhTzQza0MtUVE&hl=en_US#gid=0
  • November 25: The Science Students’ Association allowed us to put Fairtrade samples and pamphlets in their study guides for their Faculty.
  • November 24: The University of Alberta’s Students’ Union Arts Councilors invited us to hand of Fairtrade samples and information about Fairtrade at their ‘town hall’           meeting.
  • November 22: Talked to several professors about Fairtrade Certification and using it at their officers at the Student Umbrella for Social Justice’s Professor                           Engagement event.
  • November 21: Bakesale with Fairtrade products at the University of Alberta.
  • November 16: Presentations about Fairtrade Certification were made to three small group sessions at Timothy Youth Fellowship at ECAC.
  • November 1: Met with the Policy Committee of the University of Alberta’s Students’ Union to encourage them to incorporate Fairtrade as part of their Food Policy – they       went through with it!
  • October 31: REVERSE TRICK-OR-TREAT! Over 850 houses in Edmonton were hit up and delivered a small Fairtrade chocolate bar and a message about Fairtrade           Certification.
  • October 22: Did 4 workshops at the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League annual Western conference about Fairtrade
  • October 18: Did a presentation about Fairtrade as part of the Students’ Union’s Sustainability Awareness Week at the University of Alberta.
  • September 24: Handed out Fairtrade drinks and talked to attendees at the Delwood Community League’s Fall Festival event for six hours.
  • September 17: Handed out Fairtrade drinks and talked to attendees at the Riverbend Community League Art in the Park event for four hours.
  • September 10: 10 new people are now a part of Make Poverty History Edmonton’s Fairtrade Certification team!
  • August 25: We have a new and improved Fairtrade Certification display!
  • July 31: Did a 20 minute presentation about Fairtrade Certification at a Lutheran Church congregation (replaced the sermon space).
  • June 16: Did a 20 minute presentation about Fairtrade Certification to a dozen Baptist pastors at their monthly bonding meeting.
  • May 15: Make Poverty History’s Fairtrade Breakfast for member of Make Poverty History and friends of Make Poverty History!
  • May 14: Ran a workshop about Fairtrade Certification at the Social Justice Institute – an inter-denominational Christian annual social justice event.
  • May 6: Met with the management of Shaw Conference Centre to discuss options for them switching to using Fairtrade products.
  • April 30: Tabled for four hours at the Aspen Garden Community League’s Earth Day event about Fairtrade Certification.
  • April 14: Tabled and talked to dozens of families about Fairtrade Certification at the APPLE Schools Family Cooking Night.
  • April 7: Met wit representatives from the Edmonton Economic Development Cooperation on Edmonton becoming a Fairtrade Town. Made some connections with               members in the hospitality sector in Edmonton.
  • April 6: Presentation to the Edmonton Youth Council about Fairtrade Certification – they will vote on a resolution on whether to advocate to City Council on Edmonton         becoming a Fairtrade Town during the summer months.
  • March 30: Sent City Council a large Fairtrade gift basket with many Fairtrade products available in Edmonton.
  • March 25: Presented about Fairtrade Certification and Kings College offering Fairtrade products to over 50 students and staff.
  • March 15: Tabled, handed out Fairtrade hot chocolate and spoke at Austin O’Brien’s Stand Up event – largest annual inter-highschool social justice event for the                 Catholic Schools in Edmonton. Over 300 students attended.
  • March 5/6: Make Poverty History volunteers tabled and spoke at 5 different masses this weekend – reaching over 2500 Edmontonions with Fairtrade Certification in two    days.
  • February 14: 125 Valentines signed, individually enveloped and sent by community members reminding City Councillors about Fairtrade Certification.
  • February 9: Set up a public ‘Make Edmonton a Fairtrade Town’ facebook page. Like the page if you haven’t yet and you will receive updates on the latest news about           Fairtrade Certification in Edmonton!
  • January 26: Starbucks sets up a sub-booth within our Fairtrade Wednesdays booth at the University of Alberta advertising their ‘Café Equita’ Fairtrade option.
  • January 15: Few more cafes added to the list of cafes selling two or more Fairtrade products!
  • January to April: Handed out over a 1000 cups of Fairtrade coffee, tea and hot chocolate at the University of Alberta.


  • Finished research on where to buy Fairtrade products in Edmonton and the available brands.
  • A Fairtrade Certification display made, pamphlets printed, hot chocolate and percolators bought – ready to do some tabling for the cause!
  • We talked individually to over 300 people at the Make Poverty Stand Against Poverty event on September 2010 about Fairtrade Certification.
  • We successfully lobbied the UofA SU to set up a Social Responsibility Committee to incorporate things like Fairtrade products.
  • We did a presentation about Fairtrade Certification to the Edmonton City Council Executive Committee to encourage them to incorporate Fairtrade standards into their       ethical procurement policy. The response was positive but we still need someone to make a real push.
  • The Anglican Church Bishop send out our information about Fairtrade Certification to over 60 Churches encouraging them to make the switch.
  • Peace and Development sent our mailout to the Catholic Churches in Edmonton about the importance of Fairtrade Certification.
  • The Edmonton Catholic Schools have switched their coffee service provider to one, which offers Fairtrade products. Make Poverty History has presented to every                 Catholic School Principal in Edmonton and gotten the Religion Coordinator for the District to endorse our efforts.
  • Make Poverty History visited over 450 houses in 2010 and over a 100 houses in 2009 on Halloween night dropping off some Fairtrade chocolate and bringing the               news about Fairtrade Certification.
  • Held a Fairtrade s’mores event with the McKernan Community League barbeque. Made s’mores with the Mayor and dozens of other attendees.
  • Campaign to make Edmonton a Fairtrade Town was featured in Western Catholic Reporter.
  • Compiled information on over a 100 places in Edmonton that sell two or more Fairtrade products!
  • Did a presentation to Urban Bridge Church and the Church committed to using Fairtrade coffee and sugar.
  • A preliminary Fairtrade Edmonton website set up.
  • Did a presentation to Community of Christ Church and the Church committed to using Fairtrade coffee and sugar.
  • Rotaract Club at the University of Alberta contact us and decides to use Fairtrade hot chocolate at their engagement event.
  • Tabled at the Social Justice Institute and talked to over a 100 attendees individually about Fairtrade Certification.
  • Presented about Fairtrade Certification and gave out Fairtrade hot chocolate at the Stand Up event (300 students) – the largest highschool social justice event in       
  • Through tabling on campus, talked to over 200 University of Alberta students about Fairtrade Certification.
  • Presented about Fairtrade Certification at the annual Red Cross Global Youth Assembly Symposium in Edmonton in 2010.
  • Presented at the annual coffee shop Oxfam event at ESSMY School in St. Albert in 2010.
  • Dozens of Edmonton NGOs contacted about the Fairtrade Towns campaign and using Fairtrade products in their workplaces – over a dozen confirmed.
  • Set up a booth on Whyte Avenue on December 10, 2010, handed out hot chocolate and talked to passer-bys about keeping fair labour in mind as they did their            
    Christmas shopping.
  • Presented about Fairtrade Certification and set up a movie showing at Amnesty International UofA’s film festival in 2010 [fairly small event].
  • Fairtrade Certification jeopardy game developed as an engagement tool!
  • Presented to the Student Umbrella for Social Justice at the University of Alberta about Fairtrade Certification and it’s relevance to social justice – addressed some             misconceptions and FAQs.
  • Presented about Fairtrade Certification at St. Thomas-More Church in Edmonton.
  • Contacted every City Councilor election candidate in the 2010 City Council election to talk to them about making Edmonton a Fairtrade Town and their thoughts on it.
  • Presented about Fairtrade Certification at the Catholic Diocese’s Lunch and Learn session – representatives from over 20 churches present.

5.) Fair Trade Town Committee

A local Fair Trade Town steering committee has been convened to ensure continued commitment to the local Fair Trade Town campaign. 

This group includes a wide representation of community members and includes a council representative, campaigners, and people representing the area’s schools, churches and businesses. 

The group aims to develop and achieve two additional targets per year for Edmonton, and is responsible for submitting an annual progress assessment to Fairtrade 

Canada to monitor whether Edmonton is continuing to meet the six goals as well as the two additional targets. The group is mandated to organize events for Fair Trade Fortnight in May.

6.) Keep the Momentum

Now that Edmonton is officially recognized as a Fair Trade Town, it is important to keep the momentum going by developing the concept further. 

How this is done is an ongoing conversation for the Fair Trade Town Committee. For example, this could mean focusing on goals that further Fair Trade or that promote other forms of sustainable consumption. These may include events and programs to reduce overall consumption, to promote recycling, organic, sweatshop-free, energy-efficient, and locally produced goods, or whatever the Committee believes is in the spirit of Fair Trade Towns. 

To get involved please contact communications@fairtradeedmonton.ca